Rainier - iPhone XS Max
Rainier - iPhone XS Max
Rainier - iPhone XS Max
Rainier - iPhone XS Max

Rainier - iPhone XS Max

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Mount Rainier National Park is the centerpiece of the greater Seattle area, visible against the horizon for miles in any direction. This case let's you bring a tangible reminder of the mountain with you wherever you go.

These cases have wood designs inlaid in a durable combination hard/soft polymer shell.


  • Soft grippy edge provides anti-slip handling and edge-impact protection.
  • 1mm front face lip provides face-down and corner protection.
  • High durability and moisture resistant wood finish protects the wood.
  • Solid back plate provides structural rigidity rear facing impact resistance.
  • Industrial grade adhesive that is solvent resistant and moisture proof holds the wood to the polymer case.

These cases are made-to-order and usually ship within 1-5 business days.

The woods in this case are Sapele, Maple, and Red Oak.

This product comes with FREE SHIPPING and FREE RETURNS for the lower 48 states of the USA. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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Please note: This case is designed with protecting your device in mind, but just like every other phone case company, we make no guarantee that the case will protect your device from damage.

Customer Reviews

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Half Dome, Full Coverage

Phone case is slim, well made and the design work is beautiful. Has held up well to the elements and a few accidental drops - would recommend to others! Design alone is worth it.


Beautiful, durable phone cover!

Super Unique!

I got this case for my husband and he loves it! We are big skiers and snowboarders so our home away from home are the mountains. It is really nice and unique and fits the phone itself well.
I myself love it too and will order a different one for my phone. The only two things we wish were different is if they could put a finish over the wood to help make it more durable against dings/dents and that the same design variety they have for iPhone cases were also offered for Samsung phones.
Other than that great beautiful case, especially if you like rustic mountain styles.


Great phone case! Durable and is beautiful!

Love my phone case

I love my new phone case, The Great Wave. It is truly a beautiful replication of Hokusai’s painting.