Frequently Asked Questions

What woods do you use?

Lots of kinds! Walnut, Cherry, Red Oak, and Aspen get a lot of usage but we also use more exotic woods like Yellowheart, Wenge, and Padauk. We use the different woods as our color palette. Check each product page for a full list of that design's woods!

Do you do custom work or commissions?

Sorry we do not take any custom requests at this time. You are welcome to give us suggestions for upcoming designs though! We can suggest @benahlesahles and @zapped_alien_creations as artists that take on custom requests.

Is it possible to get my order customized?

Sorry we do not offer any customizations or alterations to the designs at this time.

Where do you ship?

We can ship anywhere in the USA and for customers in the lower 48 states of the USA we have free shipping.

I'm buying this as a gift, is there a receipt in the box?

Each shipment will contain a packing slip but the slip does not include any price information. The packing slip lists some important information about caring for the art (also displayed in this FAQ) as well as what items are in the shipment, and the billing and shipping addresses.

Where are you located?

We make our art and ship it from the Eugene Oregon.

Does your art come ready to hang?

Yes! Our art comes with hardware for hanging already mounted on the back. 

Is the art entirely made in the USA?


How can I best take care of my art?

Moisture and heat fluctuations are the enemy of the thin wood pieces in our designs. Both of these things will change the internal moisture of the wood cells on the front side of the thin boards, making them want to warp. Avoid placements with lots of changing humidity like bathrooms, or over sinks. We also recommend placements that avoid too much direct sunlight as the cycling of heating and cooling can be hard on the art.

How do I clean my art?

A duster or pressurized air can be used. You can also use a lightly dampened cloth (not soaked) to gently wipe surfaces. Do not spray any soaps or water onto the surface of the art. Be very gentle when touching near the smaller design pieces.